Limpinwood Classical Riding Centre aims to serve the equestrian community by being a high quality equestrian educational facility.

Clinics are held with qualified instructors on a regular basis.  Dates of upcoming clinics and photos from past clinics can be found on the News page of this website.

It is an honour to have Jose Mendez holding 3 or 4 day clinics here four times a year. Jose is one of Australia’s most popular dressage instructors. He is classical in his approach, treats horses with sensitivity and ensures everyone enjoys their lessons. He has a Facebook page at These clinics are immensely popular and fence sitters are welcome.

In 2017 the regular 3 monthly clinics conducted by Jose Mendez will continue.

From 29 - 31 July 2017,  Limpinwood Classical Riding Centre is hosting the first Northern NSW clinic by Barrie Stratton.  Barrie has an incredible reputation as a full time International dressage coach/trainer and National A Level Dressage Judge, Judge Educator and Mentor.  Barrie has trained with several master riders including World and Olympic Dressage Champion Dr Elena Petoshkova and Maestro Nuno Oliveira.  Barrie lives in Mt George, in the Adelaide Hills, with his wife, Sarita and they operate the ‘Academy of Dressage’ at their property, Monserrat.  As a professional coach and trainer, Barrie has guided riders and horses to achieve Grand Prix level dressage.  Many have competed successfully at National Championships, CDI-N and CDI-W competitions.  For more information, check out the website on